Furniture Favourites

Furniture you need in your kitchen today!

Every kitchen needs furniture. Be that storage solutions, kitchen stools, tables or something else. Today I’ll jump through a few of my personal favourites and explain the why’s and how’s for them. Sit back, relax and enjoy the blog!

Dining Tables

Whether it’s in your kitchen or a separate dining room, the main table is a staple for the kitchen experience. Whether it’s a 4 or 8 seater, it is a must have for meal time and is the perfect place for spending quality time with your friends and family.

There are so many styles to choose from, so choice is limitless for when it comes to chasing your next one. Old styled kitchens and houses tend to lean towards natural wooden surfaces whereas more modern kitchens lean towards painted wood or plastics. 

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Walnut Small Dining Table
Large Rustic dining set

Kitchen Stools

Kitchen stools are a breakfast bar best. It offers you heightened seating during your early morning meal or your evening endeavours. The thing I love most about stools is their adaptability to different styles and colours of kitchens. There is also so much choice when it comes to varieties and colours, which is great for those who are usually indecisive. You can pick between lever-adjusted leather or static steel stools depending on whether you know the height of the bar. Lever-adjusted stools are definitely the safer option as it means you know it’ll fit underneath regardless.

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Storage is key when it comes to your home, which is why sideboards are such a fantastic piece of furniture for your kitchen. Their narrow but spacious design is perfect for filling empty wall space whilst also providing you with vital storage space. A lot like the dining tables, the choice of styling very much depends on the rest of the kitchen. I would personally always lean towards wood asit is a lot easier on the eyes and works a lot better as a freestanding unit than other materials (although it is a lot heavier).

Shiro Walnut Four Drawer Coffee Table

Coffee Tables

Perfect for those who don’t want kitchen stools but still wish to have a social space in their kitchen. I love a coffee table, I think they are a comfort space to start and end your day. They look fantastic when partnered with a matching sofa or set of comfy armchairs. They are the laid-back older brother of the breakfast bar and I am fully here for it. Another thing is love about it is its adaptability to a range of styles. You can go for an all metal industrial coffee table for your wine red contemporary kitchen as well as a more rustic relaxed vibe.

Why put furniture in your kitchen?

Furniture is such a crucial part when it comes to extending out from the essential appliances such as taps, sinks, ovens and so on. They play vital roles in the kitchen which I think are needed nowadays. From eating to seating, there’s always a place for furniture to be used.

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