Cutlery and Mugs

Jazz up your dining experience! Is there anything more satisfying than a cutlery set that matches with the kitchen’s styling and colour palette? Yes probably, but this isn’t a bad start. One reason I would make sure they sync is that you can have the option to have them exposed in the kitchen, for example you could have your mugs on a shelf, which if they suit, will make them part of the furniture when unused. This also frees up more space under granite work tops. Also if you are an avid coffee drinker like me, with no disrespect to tea, then new mugs are constantly going to be used which makes them a worthy purchase!

Vases and jugs

The power of flowers! Vases themselves can bring so much colour and vibrance into your kitchen, as well as the colouring of whichever flowers you choose to display. I think personally that from a mental point of view, flowers have very positive energy attached to them so displaying them in your kitchen is always going to be a nice feature to include. Thankfully vases are a concentrated market so you are sure to find a style that suits your space! Then it’s just the case of choosing your favourite flower/plant. There are so many materials to choose from as well, with ceramics (which I would choose for traditional kitchens) or wood which would look great in a rustic styled kitchen.

Then there are jumbo mugs, or jugs to you and I (not sure on the accuracy of that), which are a fantastic addition to your kitchen space as they have a ranger of uses! Used to hold water or a bouquet of flowers, jugs are a lovely addition to a kitchen, and like with vases, it being such a concentrated market, you are sure to find some that suit your kitchen!

When designing or improving your kitchen, don’t forget the little things! Although they aren’t the big bulky products, kitchen accessories do make a difference. There is something satisfying about keeping your entire kitchen in sync, and if you notice the difference, your friend will definitely notice it too. We offer a range of smaller kitchen products here at Enhance My Kitchen so do be sure to check them out!