How to enhance your kitchen with taps

Taps are such a crucial part of a kitchen. This is why you should really consider making sure your tap fits the styling and colours of your room!

This blog will go through some of the different options and how to enhance your kitchen with taps!

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are the staple to a kitchen, they provide you with hot and cold filtered water which is the essential of a modern kitchen.


Mixer taps tend to be very flexible when it comes to colour. They do your standard chrome, black and metals like gold and copper. You can also, with some mixers, change the handles to up to 12 colours to match your room even more! This is a fantastic option for those with a colour scheme they want to maintain throughout. 


Mixers are also very flexible with style as well! Their sometimes simple designs can fit perfectly into country and traditional kitchens whilst the boujee colours and taps look right at home with modern and industrial kitchens.

Boiling Water Taps

A fantastic addition to the tap community, boiling water taps have revolutionised the way people access boiling water in kitchens these days.


Like mixer taps, you can find them in all the metals, black and then standard chrome. I had to google for other colours and found a satin hot pink, but sadly we don’t stock those! The idea behind sticking to “normal” tap colours is that it would blend into the kitchen a lot easier regardless of its design.


As the designs aren’t too out there, I think that hot water taps can work it’s way into any kitchen whilst looking fresh and suited. In an older styled kitchen, I would lean towards chrome or brushed steel unless there’s a colour scheme to match. For modern kitchens however it’s pretty much open season as you can match all the colours with blacks and whites and greys. This is fantastic as it means you can just pick the one you love most!

Twist Boiling Hot Tap 8 - Vanto Black Finish

Sensor Taps

Looking for a futuristic solution (with very present day hygiene) that can give you a highly germ reduced option of daily tap tasks in your kitchen? Sensor taps would definitely be the solution if you answered yes to that.

I think although it’s a fairly new technology for residential use, it does feel like a fantastic option. It’s a technology only going to improve as time goes on but it’s already at a fantastic point! Maintenance is the major attraction to this tap as it is definitely the easiest to clean and keep clean daily.


As the technology is as recent as it is, I think most sensor taps tend to lean towards chrome and other brushed silver materials purely to blend into kitchens. Brands are coming out with different colours but I think most people are sticking to the basics at the moment.


I feel like you will have to go towards modern kitchens with this one. Although I bet there will be a lot of older styled kitchens that suit a sensor tap. But I think they will generally be suited a lot better to the newer bits.

Reginox Tempest Wall Mounted Sensor Tap

Overall I think the main point is about making sure the colours fit the kitchen. 9/10 times the tap will suit the kitchen, but it’s the colours that tends to throw it off. 

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