Kitchen Style Ideas - 5 Styles and how to make them pop!

A match made in heaven! There are plenty of options when it comes to kitchen designing, but which is best for the style you desire.
Let’s take a look at a few kitchen style ideas you may want to include in your kitchen and I’ll break down the colours and metals you should look into depending on your chosen style.

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are the go to styling at the moment. They are mainly very plain and not many risks are taken, but they do look fantastic. That being said, modern kitchens can be an acquired taste as some people tend not to enjoy the sometimes pretentious aesthetic of them.

Modern kitchens are mainly flashed with shades of white, grey and even black. This is usually done throughout the entire kitchen to keep everything uniform. It also creates a feeling of a lot more space. Other block colours such as navy are used, but they are less common as the freedom to go elsewhere colour wise shrinks with the use of blues.

With modern kitchens, their simple colour scheme means that the list of metals you can use are almost endless. I would personally aim to use the more common colours like chrome, brass, copper and gold as they will always suit a modern kitchen and will also be easier to sell if you plan to move out! Using black metal also works in this kitchen due to the simplicity of colour surrounding it.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens are the staple style for people to go for. It can work its way into pretty much all house types, due to its flexibility and adaptability.

Traditional kitchens use mainly shades of white, grey and blue. It features a lot of stones and granites, which gives it a very timeless feel. This is what the traditional kitchen is all about, keeping everyone happy. You can intertwine modern and classic colours seamlessly in a traditional style kitchen.

With traditional kitchens, you need to be a little more conservative with your choice of metals, but you aren’t trapped in one colour. Golds and coppers can look fantastic in a traditional kitchen as it stands hand in hand with the stone and granite surrounding it. I would perhaps stay away from dark colours as they tend to only suit wall colours of other shades.

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Country Kitchen

When you think of a country kitchen, you think a quaint village home in the middle of nowhere. You are pretty much right, but it doesn't come without explanation. It very much follows a similar pattern to the traditional kitchen, but it also features a lot more wood as well as a few extra details.

Whites and light colours are usually the go-to when it comes to country kitchens. They are usually chosen because they can be suited to both stones, metals as well as woods. A lot of pastel greens and blues are fantastic for them as they really compliment the light colours and woods.

Can I confidently say that there is only one metal that works in a country kitchen. No, but there aren’t too many options. A chrome (brushed or polished) as well as nickel and gun metal grey works great in a country home, but I would probably stay away from coloured metals (unless planned) as they can knock the elegance and flow of a country kitchen

Industrial Kitchen

A very left field option but also potentially an absolutely beautiful option, industrial kitchens can look amazing when done correctly. The blends of woods and metals makes the visuals striking for you to enjoy!

Industrial kitchens are commonly using shades of greys as well as warm colours like oranges and reds. This is usually done throughout the entire kitchen to keep everything uniform. This also creates a feeling more space in the room. Other block colours such as navy are used, but they are less common. This is as less colours mix with the use of blues.

When I think of industrial kitchens, I can’t help but use coppers and golds to match it’s very contempory design. They give it some more flavour than its already packed dish


Rustic Kitchen Style

The industrial kitchen’s older brother, it is even more left field than all the other styles in this blog but still holds its own.


A lot of rustic kitchens tend to have stone and wood incorporated into the floors, walls and ceilings. For me the best colour to go for would be a shade of white. It is the easiest to go for and will never look out of place. There is always an option for other colours but they will need a lot more thought around the entire room.


Chrome would definitely be the safest choice when it comes to a rustic kitchen. It ties into most woods and stones which is important for a style that doesn’t mix well with other styles.

The verdict

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to designing a kitchen.

This makes it easier in some ways, as you can decide on the flavour that comes to you at the time.

The difficult part is sticking to the script once you’ve chosen the style you want to follow. Its not about just keeping your kitchen uniform in style, but also making a choice in regards to tying it into your home.

You want the kitchen to look like it was built with the style of the home in mind so it can flow seamlessly from room to room. It also means if or when you go on to sell the house, it can coordinate and look a lot more attractive to buyers.

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