Lighting Trends 2021

Let there be light! Having good lighting is always a bright idea, so now it’s your time to shine! Today I will be having a little run through of the lighting trends you can use in your kitchen. There are a few different points for me to go through, so let’s crack on.

Bright Ideas

The use of LED lighting

The first of the lighting trends is I think a lot of people are leaning towards whites, greys and blacks for their worktops, walls and floors. This means the use of LED bulbs have never looked better in a kitchen. It plays into ultra modern aesthetic flawlessly whilst also giving country homes a spritely glow. It is also a lot more eco-friendly than the halogen alternative so if it suits the room then it’s a no brainer! White light is perfect for brightening up any room, so why not your kitchen?

Kitchen design Photo 2
Kitchen appliances

Low-Key Lighting

Are you looking to brighten up the room without using the main lights as well as lamps and other standing lighting? If so, then I think undershelf and under cupboard lighting is going to be a big hit going forward in the kitchen game. It is a very good way of highlighting different areas of the kitchen, whilst also bringing it all together.

Major Statements

A lot of people are deciding to use metallic appliances (that isn’t chrome) in their kitchen this year, but what about the lighting? I think a big trend this year is going to be big statement pieces using gold or copper as the main colour. When partnered with matching appliances, you can fit them perfectly into both modern and industrial stylings. I love how well metals suit both granite and wooden worktops seamlessly.

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