Home Sweet Home Cliona Henderson

Cliona Henderson

Cliona is an award-winning artist with her work concentrating on the atmospheric effects of the Peak District landscape, rendering these in earthy tones in acrylics on canvases full of light, with hills suggested by a blur or sweep of merging colours.

Cliona is part of the National Collection published in Art UK is the successor to Your Paintings.

Your Painting is a joint initiative between the Public Catalogue Foundation (now known as Art UK), 3,000 museums and other art collections, and the BBC. Cliona is featured in the Venezia in Art Book and have been published in the ICA – International Contemporary Artists Volume

Dash of Red Cliona Henderson

Cliona is an award-winning Irish artist with works selling both nationwide, Europe and the USA. One of her pieces is owned by the National British Collection.

Her work has been noted to be as beautifully atmospheric and has been noted to be similar to that of  WMJ Turner. In the studio, acrylic or oil is applied to canvas in broad sweeps, and a constant sway or removing and adding creates the transparent effect of light. This technique allows her canvases to almost  glow, almost approaching a kind of transparency and it is this that so often makes light the key subject of her work.