Ultimate Worktop Buying Guide

Having a new worktop can be a fantastic purchase for your kitchen, woodn’t it (sorry). Here at Enhance My Kitchen, we offer a service to get your wooden or granite worktop measured and fitted. But why should you look at purchasing one? The worktop buying guide will explain the process, whilst looking into both the granite and wooden worktops. I will show what they are and how to work one into your kitchen. 

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The Process

You will be happy to hear that the process on both worktops are pretty much exactly the same for you! They both start with a short form and both end up with a new worktop in your kitchen! The process is as follows:


All you need to do to start the process is to email your request along with a surface plan to info@enhancemykitchen.co.uk. Our partner will create your quote and return it to you within 24 hours. Once you have accepted, please complete, sign and return to our partner with your preferred templating and fit dates with a £250 deposit. We guarantee a template slot within 10 working days from order.


Once your signed quotation is complete, we will schedule your template and installation dates. An order confirmation will be sent from our manufacturing partner directly to you confirming all details are correct. You will receive a call 48 hours prior to templating to confirm everything is in place which will allow the installation team to be prompt, accurate and efficient.


Your template gets completed using both laser and Corex templating solutions. After any adjustments and review, the balance would need to be paid to the manufacturer. Once templates are received CAD drawings will be produced and files ready for installation.

Production/ post production

The manufacturing process is then completed and undergoes a full QC inspection. You will receive a call 48 hours before the agreed installation date to confirm everything is ready for installation. The installation team will arrive to complete the installation and upon completion will obtain a signature from you to ensure satisfied

Granite Worktops

With 18 different colours to choose from, we source high grade granite to suit your needs.

Our partner utilises the latest CNC (computer numerical control) machinery. They are used by skilled craftsmen with over 20 years of experience and know-how. The worktops are completed using the best and efficient production techniques.This ensures the products are of the highest of quality. 

We use only the best materials from around the world. Many long standing relationships have been made with international stone traders. Enhance My Kitchen granite surfaces are economically sourced and the replenishment of new stock is within a short timescale so you can have a quality job done in reasonable time!

Granite Worktop

Granite worktops suit a variety of styles. Dark colours look better with a more modern fee, however I think lighter shades stand out really well in a country home! If you are adding it to an existing kitchen, I would make sure that your choice of granite suits the colours existing in the kitchen so you don’t need to design around the worktop and spend more than needs be!

Wooden Worktop

Now let’s talk about our made to order Timber Worktop Surfaces. We only work with reputable suppliers and we only source the finest materials. We want to ensure consistency in product quality at competitive prices, whilst still keeping up our first class service!

Our partners source the best wood from around the world to create their worktops. A lot like the granite surfaces, Enhance My Kitchen solid wood surfaces are economically sourced and replenished within a short timescale. We are big on quality as well as value, so we don’t take any shortcuts in giving you the best on offer.

There are 13 samples to choose from, in a variety of different woods.

They can suit a rustic look as well as a modern, which gives you a lot of choice. If you are putting it into an existing kitchen, I recommend matching your worktop with woods that are being used already the kitchen. The more you can match it around your kitchen, the better it’ll look (but you knew that already). Thankfully you needn’t so don’t worry about taking time over a decision!

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