Waste disposal units are a very big part of homes in the United States. Nearly half of all US homes feature one under their sink. 

But why is it only 6% here in the UK? What are a few advantages and disadvantages of them? Are they worth the money or should we throw them into the bin? Let’s have a chat about it.


  • The obvious advantage of the waste disposal unit is that it frees up bin waste. This means less waste ends up in landfill sites that play a huge part in global warming. 
  • They get rid of the food waste smells into the sewage system. This makes the kitchen more odor friendly than using a bin.
  • Ground up food waste goes with the running water so there’s smooth passage from sink to treatment plants.


  • The potential safety problem. It can still be a hazard for people unknowing of the disposal units power, especially with children.
  • Putting the wrong foods or items down into the unit can cause major problems. The wrong items can cause damage or blockages in the pipes or inside the actual unit. 
  • They also can’t be used with warm/hot water. This is as oils and fats may follow into the pipes and then solidify once cooled, causing clogs.
Waste Disposal Units
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Why aren't disposal units popular in the UK?

  • I think for the same reason they used to be banned in New York until 1997, the UK sewage system doesn’t exactly want to welcome more rubbish with open arms into treatment centres. Obviously the alternative is landfill which arguably is worse. 
  • That being said, we also as a country have a lot better waste management guidelines put in place compared to the US which would mean less alternatives are needed.
  • Another reason would be that because homes aren’t being installed with a disposal unit from the beginning, so people in the UK don’t see them as anything more than an accessory to the kitchen.
  • A less serious but still potentially truthful reason I can think of is that Hollywood has painted waste disposal units as serious injury risks in many American films. This means when shown to a country that doesn’t use them, it would perhaps put them off the idea.

My verdict 

I love the idea of them. I love the benefits it gives environmentally, as it clearly shows that there is a smart solution to getting rid of small day to day waste whilst keeping landfills that little bit emptier.

Although safety is a major issue people consider when fitting one in their kitchen, there are more ways to protect yourself and others. Brands like Insinkerator do come with magnetic caps which cover the grinders making them a lot more child proof.

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They aren’t too expensive either, with some base models starting at £119 (on our website). For a piece of equipment that helps rid of waste in a more eco-friendly fashion, it isn’t too harsh on the wallets in the long term.

The only thing I would say is that you need to be very careful with what you throw into it. Most foods are fine, but I would definitely search up on what does and doesnt work so you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot!