Why should I buy a splashback?

There are many components to a kitchen which can affect the overall aesthetic and functionality. Today I will be exploring the many positives of splashbacks and why they are a useful addition to your kitchen. 

We have a fantastic collection of splashbacks on our site so this would be a great way for those who aren’t sure about them and would like to know more!


The main function of the splashback is to sit behind the hob and catch all of the splashes, stains and oils that come from day to day cooking. This is fantastic for protecting your walls or tiles behind the splashback. Grimes and dirts can fit into every nook and cranny of a kitchen wall which can sometimes make it super hard to clean. Splashbacks just need a simple wipe clean which is a lot quicker and a lot more hygienic for you.


Splashbacks aren’t just good for your kitchen functionally. They prove fantastic for tying together a certain aesthetic or colour scheme in your kitchen. Like the ones below, they are great at adding a little bit of spice to the room and can really bring it together. There aren’t many styles of kitchen that wouldn’t suit a splashback as they don’t have to be in your face colours and styles so it makes them incredibly versatile.

Easy Installation

So we know that it is fantastic for dirt protection and is great stylistically, but how easy are splashbacks to install as a consumer? The answer is very. A screw in each corner of the splashback on the wall behind your hob and it’s all done! If you don’t fancy screwing it in, leaning up at a slight angle along the wall would work as well but obviously it wouldn’t look as nice and has a chance of slipping.

Grey Glass Kitchen Splashback

Why Should I Buy A Splashback?

I think overall the splashback offers great functionality and can elevate a room stylistically. It is a great investment as it keeps the area surrounding the hob extremely easy to clean and maintain. It can also break up the colours in a kitchen which makes it a very nice addition to your kitchen.

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